Sworn Translator Service in Jakarta from PT INDO LINGUA TRANSLOCALIZE

Sworn Translator Jakarta

Yes, sworn translators are usually located in Jakarta. The writer is the sworn translator registered in the UK Embassy Jakarta.

sworn translator jakarta

Sworn Translators Jakarta in Indonesia refer to a translator who has been tested in an examination conducted by University of Indonesia language center on Legal Translation materials with a score of above 90. Upon successful examination, the translator then will be sworn in under oath by the Governor of Jakarta. The last known sworn translators were in 2012 and no other sworn translators officiated by the Governor since 2014. These sworn translators Jakarta is required to have Jakarta Resident ID prior registration. Please ask your translator with their certificate signed by the Governor of Jakarta or East Java as until now sworn translators are those translators certified by the Governor. The author is available for any services for sworn translators in Jakarta and also for interpreting.

The complete list of sworn translators to date in Indonesia is kept by the Government of DKI Jakarta. The list is not available for public and that is why it is difficult to tell and find an exhaustive list of the sworn translator in Jakarta and Indonesia.

A sworn translator usually signs and seals documents that they translate the authorities consider this type of translation as official. Sworn translator provide a hard copy and digital copy if required.

In each translation that a sworn translator produce, it carries a certificate with signature and seal registered in the Embassy that they register.

Sworn Translation Format

Sworn translations contain the signature and seal of a sworn translator and each translator produces different wordings but in general:

“I, Sworn Translator’s name, a certified sworn-in translator by virtue of the Governor of the Special Capital City Region of Jakarta Number XXXXXX, declare that I am fluent in both bahasa Indonesia and English languages and competent to translate between them. I certify this English Translation from Bahasa Indonesia of the document is true and accurate to the best of my ability and belief were translated from the original version in Bahasa Indonesia. Address, Phone, Email and Month, Year.”




The author is a sworn translator for English – Indonesian pair according to Governor of DKI Jakarta Decree No. 1765/2006, also a Certified translator of HPI – Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia or Indonesian Translator Association, Member of ATA – American Translators Association. He is also co-own a and Indonesian localization and translation company PT. Indo Lingua Translocalize, an Indonesian localization company with around 15 in-house translators. For further information, please contact the author as the sworn translator registered in UK Embassy Jakarta in translator@translation.co.id, hgumilar (Skype) or Mobile/WhatsApp in +62-811-174-361. 

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