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Affordable Sworn Translator Services
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Document Translation Services

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About Us

Sworn Translator Services in Jakarta

Sworn Translator and Document Legalization Services

Acceptance Guarantee
Our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights for various purposes such as study, work, marriage, travel, visas, and more. Our sworn translators are officially registered with the Ministry.

Streamlined Procedures
Scan or photograph your documents and email them to us. Translations can be collected or delivered. You can also use GoJek/Grab to collect. Payment can be made via transfer or cash.

Additional Convenience
Understanding that not everyone accesses email daily, you can also send documents via WhatsApp. However, we still recommend using email for better documentation.

Our Services

Legal Documents Translation
Sworn translation services for deeds of establishment, PKPS deeds, agreements, KEMENKUMHAM endorsements, principal permits, business licenses (SIUP), company registration certificates (TDP), domicile certificates (SKDP), tax identification numbers (NPWP), powers of attorney, and more.

Financial Documents Translation
Translation services for financial reports, transfer pricing documentation, audit reports, company profiles, tax forms, and more.

Technical Documents Translation
We offer translation services for user manuals, website content, standard operating procedures (SOPs), environmental impact analysis (AMDAL), feasibility studies, quality manuals, instruction manuals, and more.

Academic Documents Translation
Sworn translation services for diplomas and transcripts (elementary, junior high, senior high, and university), school leaving certificates, report cards, awards, student cards, health certificates, abstracts, theses, dissertations, and more.

Personal Documents Translation
Sworn translation services for birth certificates, marriage certificates, ID cards (KTP), family cards (KK), passports, land books, police certificates (SKCK), loss reports, prenuptial agreements, single status certificates (SKBM), appointment letters, bills, bank statements, and more.

Documents Apostille & Legalization
Services for apostille, legalization, and notarization of documents at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, notaries, embassies, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of National Education for study, work, marriage, visa application, travel, residency, and more.


Example Translations

  • Family Card (KK) - Indonesian to English sworn translation example.
  • University Diploma - Indonesian to English translation example.
  • High School Diploma - sworn translation example for junior and senior high school diplomas.
  • Legalization examples - Kemenkumham & Ministry of Foreign Affairs, notarization, embassy attestation.

Why Choose Sworn Translator Services?

Sworn Translator services are essential when you need translations that are accurate and readable and legally recognized by official institutions like the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of National Education, embassies, and other relevant bodies.

Accuracy and Fidelity
Critical points in the Legal Text Translation Qualification Exam:

  1. Fidelity to the Source Text
  • Legal text translation must be faithful, accurate, and complete, maintaining semantic congruity, style, and register.
  1. Non-equivalence/Untranslatability
  • Some source language terms do not have direct equivalents in the target language, often making legal text translation more challenging.

Legal documents often contain confidentiality clauses. The Legal Text Translation Qualification Exam ensures translators can uphold document confidentiality as sworn in their oath.

Who Are Sworn Translators?
Previously, sworn translators passed the Legal Text Translation Qualification Exam conducted by the International Language Institute (LBI), Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Indonesia, and were sworn in by the Governor of Jakarta. Under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regulations, to become a sworn translator, one must pass the qualification exam coordinated by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) and professional organizations or universities.

The Professional Certification Institute of the University of Indonesia (LSP UI) coordinates sworn translators' qualification exams and certification activities.

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